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Advanced Wound Dressings

Advanced Wound Dressings

Chronic wound care requires a more precise approach to wound dressing selection and timing during healing to create the best environment for healthy tissue growth.  A wound bed should have the correct amount of moisture and oxygen, with a barrier to environmental contaminants. 

Factors that should be considered when choosing a
dressing include:

  • the stage of wound healing
  • amount of exudate
  • infection status
  • odor
  • the adhesiveness of a dressing (ease of removal)
  • absorption
  • the frequency of dressing changes
  • ease of use of the dressing
  • amount of pain at dressing changes
  • amount of protection of the surrounding skin needed
  • patient preference
Advanced Wound Dressing in Long Island New York

Types of Advanced Dressings for Non-Healing Wounds

Hydrocolloid dressings

Designed primarily for granular or necrotic wounds, hydrocolloid dressings are generally the preferred choice for treating wounds with insufficient natural moisture.  Utilizing gel-forming technology they bond to the skin creating an airtight pocket.  This super tight seal helps keep bacteria out of the wound. Hydrocolloid dressing s do not require daily replacement, which makes it easier for patients, the generally last 3 to 7 days.

Hydrogel dressings

For wounds and lesions that are extremely dry and painful, Hydrogel is an excellent choice to keep wounds moisturized and bacteria-free. Very versatile, it can be used on burns, severe scapes, and radiation damage. A Hydrogel dressing will last 3 to 4 days before it needs to be changed if the wound bed builds up too much moisture, a draining regimen may become necessary. 

Collagen dressing

Collagen dressings are extremely versatile, working on wounds from bedsores to cuts, to foot ulcers.  Collagen is an expensive option but extremely effective as it increases the movement of keratinocytes and fibroblasts of the skin cells, which are essential new tissue growth. It is a great barrier to infection and speeds up the overall healing process. Collagen dressing needs to be changed at least every 7 days.