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Low-Frequency Ultrasound

Low-Frequency Ultrasound

Ultrasound as a treatment for wound care is an effective technique that uses low-frequency therapeutic ultrasound for wound debridement, reduced bacterial count, and inflammation. The other benefit of low-frequency ultrasound on wound healing is the stimulation of collagen and growth factor.  This therapy can be used to treat chronic wounds including venous, diabetic, and pressure ulcers.  Low-frequency ultrasound is used as a supplemental wound care treatment. A non-contact low-frequency ultrasound device is held 0.5 to 1.5 cm from the wound and saline is applied to the wound bed, which helps to promote healing through stimulation of cellular tissue activity. Low-Frequency Ultrasound therapy is generally performed three times per week, in 3 to 12-minute sessions.

low frequency Ultrasound being conducted at the wound care center

Low-Frequency Ultrasound Wound Care Uses


Low- Frequency Ultrasound is an effective alternative to traditional debridement causing less pain and stimulating the growth of healthy tissue.  Debridement is the process of removing dead or damaged skin tissue so that healthy skin can grow more efficiently. It is also used to remove infected tissue and bacteria that could lead to an infection or advance an existing infection. 

Stimulate Tissue Growth

Studies show that not only does low-frequency ultrasound effectively clean the wound, but it also stimulates cellular activity which leads to the growth of healthy skin tissue